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Spray Foam Insulation

Energy Savings

Environmentally Friendly

Indoor Air Quality

No Health Concerns

Your home or business have problems staying warm or cool, drafts, wild temperature swings with spray foam insulation you can forget about those problems and start saving money on your bills too!

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Slide backgroundSpray Foam Roofing

Ability to create a sloped roof

Waterproof the building and protect the assetsOffer maximum wind uplift resistanceExpand and contract with the building movementsProvide proper fire ratingsInsulate your building for improved energy efficiencyMaintain flexibility over a wide range of temperaturesWithstand foot traffic, hail, ice and other impacts

In addition to the benefits you just saw, building owners also want the lowest possible cost over the lifetime of the roof, minimized repair costs and distractions associated with them. Well with a spray foam roof and a carefully calibrated range of coatings, joint sealants, pedestrian traffic system, etc. and will provide the reliable performance, peace of mind and lowest possible cost/benefit ratio that building owners desire.

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Slide backgroundCoatings and Coverings

Our coatings and coverings can be used in all types of commercial and industrial spaces.

The application of these coatings is even more extensive than the wide range of products we offer, flooring, foundations, roofs, and so much more.

BRP Spray Foam and Coatings is based out of Stamford, CT.  We provide unique and creative solutions to those looking for products such as spray foam, polyurea, acrylics, silicones, and much more.  Our areas services as wide as is our coverage area, we will provide our services and solutions throughout the entire tri-state area of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Our line-up of spray foam insulation equipment and spray foam rigs are the best, most advanced in the tri-state area.

Spray Foam Insulation

We provide open and closed cell spray foam insulation’s for all types of residential and commercial work. See what all we can do for you with spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Roof Systems

With our spray foam roofing services we can offer a seamless, slopped roofing that comes complete with a 15+ year warranty and is one of the most efficient types of roofing available.

Coatings and Coverings

With products like polyurea and silicones, we can provide solutions to all sorts of unique situations such as industrial floor coatings, roofing, and even work in the oil and gas fields.

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Services we provide

Spray Foam Roof Systems

Spray foam roofing is the best solution for commercial/industrial flat and sloped…

Commercial Insulation

Metal buildings, large industrial spaces, warehouses and just about any other commercial space…

Residential Insulation

We offer a complete sets of services for all types of residential spray foam insulation.  It can…

Coatings and Coverings

With our diverse range of products and applications we can provide solutions for commercial and…

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